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Do you have clubs that need regripping? Want your loft and lie checked or altered? Your swingweight adjusted? A different shaft? Or does one of your clubs need a repair? Roy is a professional and certified Clubfitter and can do all possible repairs and adjustments. He can even make fully custom clubs for you, adjusted to your personal needs and wishes!

What can I offer in terms of Club-fitting?
  • “Custom club fitting ensures that your clubs are tailored to your unique swing characteristics, promoting better ball striking and consistency.”
  • “Properly fitted clubs can optimize your launch conditions, such as launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed, leading to improved distance and accuracy.”
  • “Fitted clubs provide enhanced feel and comfort, allowing you to have more confidence in your swing and make better shot selections.”
  • “Club fitting helps you avoid compensations and swing faults caused by ill-fitting equipment, reducing the risk of injury and promoting longevity in the game.”
  • “Working with a professional fitter can provide valuable insights and recommendations for club specifications that suit your game.”

Getting fitted for a new set of clubs offers numerous benefits, including improved ball striking, optimized launch conditions, enhanced comfort, injury prevention, and expert guidance. By investing in a custom club fitting, you can elevate your performance and enjoyment of the game.

At my workshop at home I can make all the necessary modifications to your golfclubs: 

Repairs, bending loft and lie, re-gripping, re-shafting, swing-weighting, shortening or lengthening, counterbalancing, you name it.

If you are unable to bring your clubs to the golfclub or my residence, then I can also pick them up and return them to your location for a fee. Take into account that repairs or modifications might take several days to complete. 

Contact me with your wishes and I will tell you what I can do for you.

Send me a Whatsapp to make an appointment!
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