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Do you want to be a better player? Improve your game? 

Analyze your swing and get tips to improve yourself?

The Golf Club Coach

Roy is a PGA professional, you can contact him for lessons, beginner or refreshment courses, improving your golf technique with Flightscope analyses, Garmin analyses and more! The lessons take place on Lorca Golf Course, where Roy is Head Trainer. 

What kind of teacher am I?

I strongly believe that everyone is build differently and moves differently, therefore I would never try to have my students mimic “the one perfect swing”.
There is a swing that is perfect for your body and movement capabilities and that is what I would love to help you find! Therefore I teach according to the principles of BioSwing-Dynamics. I am a certified BioSwing-Dynamics trainer. 
Read more about BioSwing-Dynamics

You can also book lessons for Swing-analyses with my advanced Flightscope radar. With the Flightscope, we can collect all your swing data. Based on the results, we have the perfect guidline to know where your strengths and points of improvement lie, so I can coach you the best way possible. A session with the Flightscope is only an additional 10€ on top of the normal lesson rates. 
Read more about the Flightscope

I am enthusiastic in my teaching, but have a calm and happy personality. Don't be afraid to come to me with any problems in your golf game, I will gladly help you on the road to more fun and better golf.

Send me a Whatsapp for more information or to make an appointment! 

+34 - 657 300 972

Some videos from our YouTube channel

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